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Friday, March 6, 2009


This will be similar to my entries of the five greatest films of some genre, but these entries are not necessarily noteworthy because of their quality, but because of some other connection.

This inaugural entry is five movies that are unusual adaptations of classic literature:

The Bubble,

adapted from Romeo
and Juliet

Ball of Fire,

adapted from Snow
White and the Seven

I Walked with A Zombie,

adapted from Jane Eyre


adapted from Emma


Forbidden Planet,

adapted from The Tempest


  1. i had no idea some of these films were adaptations. will add some to my netflix queue now.

  2. I once read that Val Lewton did I Walked With A Zombie because he wanted to do Jane Eyre, but it wasn't approved, so he just made his own version. Pauline Kael liked the idea of Forbidden Planet being adapted from the Tempest, but regretted that Shakespeare wasn't the screenwriter since the dialogue and characters were a bit wooden, to say the least.