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Sunday, February 8, 2009



Production of Queen Christina Goes Roman by Halsted Street Productions


Contracted to write a screenplay for Here! Networks/Regent Entertainment
Screenplay Rough Trade a semi-finalist in the Extreme Screenplay Competition
Screenplay Revelation a finalist in the Screenplay Festival competition
Screenplay Rough Trade a quarterfinalist in Screenwritingexpo Competition


Originated and co-produce SLAMDANCE ON STAGE, a series of readings at different
theaters in Los Angeles of all the winners of the Slamdance Screenplay/ Teleplay Competitions (until 2006)
Taught the course The Dirty Dozen: The Twelve Most Common Mistakes Screenwriters
Make at the Village at Ed Gould Plaza


GLAAD Nomination for Production of A COLD COMING WE HAD OF IT (one of the
plays from Halsted Street…) for best Los Angeles Production of 2002
HALSTED STREET, CHICAGO: A FEW TALES FROM BOYSTOWN ranked second by Frontiers Magazine for best Los Angeles production of 2002
Production of HALSTED STREET, CHICAGO… at Korbett Kompany Productions in San
Production of ENDLESS NIGHT/SWEET DELIGHT at Wings Theatre, New York
Production of HALSTED STREET, CHICAGO… by Halsted Street Productions in Los Angeles


Production of THE WAY OF THE WORLD at Shelterbelt Theatre’s Shelterskelter Theatre Festival, Omaha, Nebraska


Production of ENDLESS NIGHT/SWEET DELIGHT at Bailiwick Theatre, Chicago
Production of A MISREADING OF CAMUS at West Coast Ensemble, Los Angeles
Production of RANDOM ACTS: THREE TALES FROM BOYSTOWN by Potter Productions, Chicago


Production of A LITTER LEAR AND LAUNDRY at Bailiwick Theatre Director’s Festival, Chicago
Production of EHTYL MAE POTTER, WE NEVER FORGOT HER at the Mary Archie Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Theatre Festival, Chicago


Production of QUEEN CHRISTINA GOES ROMAN by Theatre Praxis, Chicago
QUEEN CHRISTINA… selected as finalist in New Hope Performing Arts Festival


Workshop Production of QUEEN CHRISTINA GOES ROMAN at Western Stage’s Salinas River New Works Project, Salinas, California
ENDLESS NIGHT/SWEET DELIGHT commissioned by Lionheart Theatre, Chicago
Chicago contributor to The Purple Circuit Newsletter (position held through 2001)


A COLD COMING WE HAD OF IT released on video by Golden West Productions, California


Production of THE VENERY OF LARKS at The Commons Theatre, Chicago


Production of A COLD COMING WE HAD OF IT at Déjà vu Coffeehouse, Los Angeles
Production of A COLD COMING… by Golden West Productions for an AIDS benefit in California


Production of A COLD COMING WE HAD OF IT at West Coast Ensemble’s Annual One Act Play Festival, Los Angeles
Production of THE SCREAM by Bailiwick Repertory and Greenlight Productions, Chicago

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