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Friday, April 17, 2009

In the news 4/17/09

The 67 Most Influential Movies of All Times


An excellent compilation and justification. It's hard to argue with his selctions, though he makes a few mistakes. He leaves out The Rules of the Game, The 400 Blows, L'Aventura and Bonnie and Clyde. He includes Meet Me In St. Louis, which seems highly questionable. He also has a penchant for including horror films whose influence may not be as "of all times" as the author might think.

A web site for TV pilots, made and unmade


Now you can find out why shows like Untitled Zombie Project and Depressed Roommates didn't make it.

And now the ten most influential films in the last ten years:


It doesn't show anywhere near the imagination of the first entry above and it probably should be called the ten most influential films in the U.S.A. It sounds like this author has never seen a foreign film in his life and has never heard of Pedro Almodovar or Michael Haneke.

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